SUS21 Logo history

Two men showing project logos

by Omolola Sanusi Brescia 11/01/2011

A brief account of the logo SUS21: Education as a Constructor of Social and Cultural Sustainability for the 21st Century.

In November 2020 CPIA1 Brescia held the contest for the best logo design for the Sus21 project.

Students from different classes in several locations were involved in the campaign. Some of the logotypes proposed by the students were later digitalised by the IT expert of the CPIA, in order to make them functional for the website. The presentation of the Sustainability 21 project in the classroom created an opportunity to arise awareness about matters of sustainability around the world. The diversity of the students who come from different areas of all five the continents helped liven up the discussions. We are grateful to all the participants!

The winning logotype represents a cocoon, that stands for transformation and active construction that comes from within. The starting point of its creator was the idea that “Education is the key that opens a whole world of possibilities to build a better future”, it leads to awareness and fosters development and improvement.

The message to everyone is: change, renew and spread your wings!

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