Drawing a constellation of words

Collage activities like lectures

On January the 24th, 2022 Unit’s team has managed the second meeting for educators in order to define the indicators for organizational wellbeing. 

On the basis of “Tree of words” that underlined the most significant words about the self-perception of wellbeing (Reciprocity, Respect, Remuneration, Recognition, Realization) were proposed active group exercise in order to explore those words by drawing and creating inspiring stories. 

It was a great opportunity to express themselves, to communicate their thoughts and feelings about their wellbeing at work, to listen each others, to co-create metaphorical stories and to give and receive “powerful messages” to empower their professional wellbeing.

The participants enjoyed the activity very much, proud of their group production and shown their interest in knowing more and what will come out from their creativity in the next step. It will be on the researcher the task to put together images, words and stories give the aesthetic value of the group production and to highlight the words underpinning the indicators for professional wellbeing. 

This bottom-up approach is giving the chance to share with others participants “their stories” and to use the results as the base for the next training activities on organizational wellbeing.

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