Sus21 transnational meeting UEF

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The Sustainability 21 transnational meeting took place in Brescia, Italy, between the 18th and 21st of October. The University of Eastern Finland (UEF) had a team of five attending the meeting. Lecturer Juha Kauppila, research assistants Jenni Korhonen, Sami Tanskanen and Eerika Latvanen, and part time worker Agnes Ao Hio U. During the meeting UEF was responsible for presenting the theoretical framework for all intellectual outputs, as well as presenting their own intellectual output (IO). UEF’s IO is comprised of a formal education massive open online course (MOOC) and non-formal training for NGO’s based on Sustainability 21 goals. During the meeting other partners also presented their IOs as well as each partner running a short learning activity related to their output. UEF especially enjoyed being able to work in small groups with members from other partner teams to discuss their IOs and ask for feedback in order to develop their work. The main theme was the challenges that each partner felt they were facing with their output. UEF highlighted four challenges including how to better engage students in their course, how to align each module together to create a cohesive whole, how to better support project team turnover and accessibility of the IO. Based on comments from other partners UEF has a fresh outlook on how to keep working on their output. Also, UEF found that there was a great benefit from being able to meet the international partners in person and hopes that future online meetings will flow more smoothly, and communication will be easier.

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