Sus21 and Brescia for everyone

Man standing before a sign LINGUA ITALIANA

In the area of Brescia, migrants with regular residency permit represent the 12%, of  the population; this percentage reaches the 19% in the city of Brescia.

Almost the whole of the residency permits is released for family reasons and for paid employment, while only 1,3% for humanitarian grounds, subsidiary protection status or political asylum (In 2017 Brescia stood out for the highest number of political asylum rejected applications  and for the highest number of unaccompanied minors).

CPIA 1 Brescia operates in a widespread manner in the area of the Province of Brescia to facilitate the linguistic and social  inclusion of  women, young adults, refugees and asylum seekers.

The most serious problems in  this  process of integration are related to the access to the working life, to the access to the education system and to the access to the health services.

Regarding the latter, there are in Brescia many organisations who offer many services which support the Country’s Health system. This facilities give complete free assistance to the population and to the migrant, even if not yet registered in the municipal Registry Office.

The willingness of Sus 21 project is  to give real answers to our students and to the operators who work for social inclusion, public health and education. We would give them new points of view to face up the problems with complete confidence and self awareness of a gained self knowledge of themselves with a view to sustainability.

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