Summer 2021 UEF

Slide from a presentation

During the summer 2021 UEF has been busy constructing teaching and learning materials for the MOOC. One of the modules is called Global Education, where the learning material is made up of a video lecture done by a recently graduated master’s student, Zeinab Yazdizadeh, based on her thesis. The lecture is titled; An Introduction to the Concepts of Citizenship and GCED. The process started off well, with deciding on the main theme of the module and what direction the material should go. Once the basis of the lecture was complete, next was deciding how the lecture should be recorded. Initially recording on teams or zoom was suggested, but the lecturer decided on using power point recording. We decided that because the course was online, the students would appreciate being able to see the lecturer’s face during the lecture. Therefore, the recording of the lecture includes the slides, the lecturer’s video and voice in the corner. The recording ended up being an hour long, which we felt was too long for the students to remain concentrated. Which is why the lecture was cut into four segments based on the topics discussed. A main challenge of the course is making sure the platform and learning experience is engaging and motivating for the students. Finally, subtitles were added to the lecture to ensure that the students could understand it. The subtitles were double checked in segments that were a little difficult to understand. 

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